About Us

Black by Optimal Speaker Design begins at innovation and then keeps going.  We deliver the latest, cutting-edge technologies for measurably perfect sound in whole house audio systems and dedicated home theaters.



Founded in 2003 by audiophiles who believed in the virtues of high-end audio, OSD Back is the brainchild of Dave Chai, a self-described audio addict. Dave’s initial success began with a direct to consumer line of outdoor speakers, but he soon realized that there was something missing, accessibility to true high-end audio, not just for the wealthy but for anyone who appreciates the elevated experience of a masterfully-designed speaker. This was the beginning of OSD Black which started with a few in-ceiling speakers but has grown into a full line of indoor and outdoor speakers as well as amplifiers that fill homes with acoustic nuances that most people have never heard before.  



High-fidelity sound is a blending of technology, mechanics, materials and smart engineering. Our in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, cabinet speakers, and subwoofers include the highest quality woofer and tweeter materials for a detailed sound that spans the audio spectrum, while sonically neutral cabinets offer a precise soundstage and deep and controlled bass that is critical to the acoustic experience.



Sound reproduction only works when technology blends together effortlessly. OSD Black pushes the current boundaries in sound technology and design, both inside and out. A stunning value for music and movie enthusiasts, every product in the OSD Black line is built for the highest acoustical demands and captures sound at its purest level.



We believe music is beautiful and that reproducing sound to the utmost accuracy takes innovation that goes beyond the ordinary. OSD Black continues to innovate, and the people behind our products have passion and creativity that turn into masterpieces.