Black Series Grille Kit For 8" Square In-Ceiling Speakers (R62A, R63A & R81, R82 & R83), Pair


Perfect Edge BLACK in-wall and in-ceiling speakers perform a near miraculous disappearing act Rather than a wide flange found on most built-in speakers, BLACK speakers feature flange-free Perfect Edge™ magnetic grilles that minimize the visible footprint of the speaker for a clean, elegant and unobtrusive appearance.
SQUARE OPTIONS BLACK round in-ceiling models offer a square grille option to match the aesthetic of rectangular architectural elements such as lighting fixtures and air registers. While other brands may offer that option, only BLACK does it the correct way with a square mask that doesn’t “telegraph” the round speaker silhouette behind the grille.

Technical Specifications
More Information
  • Works with Black Series Speakers R62A, R63A and R81, R82 & R83
  • Feature flange-free Perfect Edge™ magnetic grilles
  • Put that finishing touch to your new speaker project
  • 8" grille kit
  • Comes in a pair