Black Series New Construction Bracket for 6.5" In Wall Speaker (Single) For T61, T62, and T63 - NC6W


Installers will appreciate the BLACK mounting system for its ease and robust construction. BLACK’s rotating clamps have brass inserts to prevent thread stripping. The stainless steel machine bolts are thread-strip and rust resistant. Rubber damping pads on the mounting clamps minimize the likelihood of sheetrock blowout and damp resonance, vibration and buzzing. Better installs, better sound, it’s all better with BLACK.
The benefits of the brackets, however, are that they provide additional support of the wall speaker and allow you to precisely place the speaker while providing a template to cut the mounting hole.

Technical Specifications
More Information
  • Cut-Out Hole Diameter:
  • Compatible with for T61, T62, and T63
  • Sold as a single