Black Series THEATRO X11 11-channel High Current Home Theater Amplifier w/ 380W at 8 Ohms/600W RMS at 4 Ohms


Our Black THEATRO X11 is a high current, audiophile-level 11-channel amplifier that will easily power multiple speakers without concerns of dynamic headroom during complex music passages or distortion at high-volume levels. A beast of an amp at 234 pounds, the X11 pushes the power limits yet is designed to operate efficiently with the latest amplifier topology for listening to your favorite multi-channel music or movie soundtracks. We designed the THEATRO X11 to do one thing—power your speakers as effectively and efficiently as possible—so you can experience acoustic nuances like you’ve never heard before.
What Are the Advantage of an 11-channel Amp? The THEATRO X11 is a big amp for big systems. If your home theater uses smaller satellite speakers, the X11 is probably overkill. However, if you have larger front channel (LCR) free-standing or in-wall/ceiling speakers and a lot of space to fill, the TheatroX11 is ideal, especially for driving a 7.2 or higher channel surround sound systems. With 11 amps in one 10 RU chassis, the X11 is more effective at delivering power than connecting multiple two-channel amplifiers and far more reliable than relying on an A/V receiver. Plus, you’ll always have room to expand with more speakers should the urge hit you down the road.

Technical Specifications
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  • (8 ohm): 380W per channel
  • (4 ohm): 600W per channel
  • Frequency Response: +/- 0.1dB 10Hz ~ 20kHz, -2dB/ +3dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB unweighted
  • Distortion:
  • Damping factor; >300
  • Gain: 0.9V (1.2 dBm) unbalanced 1.2V (3.8 dBm) balanced
  • Channel Separation: 65dB @ 1kHz, referred to 250W output into 8 ohms
  • Input impedance: >20k ohms
  • External trigger: 5 ~30V AC/DC
  • DC offset: < 5mV
  • Power requirements: 120V ~ 60 Hz 300W
  • Stand-by power consumption: 5W
  • Chassis type: 10 RU
  • Dimensions: 17.25” W x 18.3” H x 21.37” D
  • Net Weight: 234lbs
User Manual X11_manual_r1c.pdf